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May 6, 2011:
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How To Kiss Over The Internet

Kiss Transmission Device Takes Internet By Storm

An internet kissing machine, developed in Japan, is taking the online world by storm, since people want to see how this technology works and how far along it is. In a world of tomorrow, internet chats could be far more interactive and personal if kissing machines and other touchy-feely devices make it possible to simulate human contact, or reproduce actual human kisses and touches across the world wide web. The device being developed at the University of Electro-Communications (what is the mascot of their football team?) by grad studentt Nobuhiro Takahashi is somewhat primitive but promises to be much more tactile in the future. Best of all, personal interactions can be saved and replayed later, unlike all those kisses you've given up in the past.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Because the internet kissing machine is in development, and a bit weird, it may take a while to catch on.